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Our range of disinfectants varies from high strength Zoflora and Lifeguard and our own label black disinfectants to reodorisers, sanitisers and economy disinfectants in pine, lemon or lime fragrances. Sanitisers include popular Johnson and Selden products such as Microsan, Selactive and Mr Muscle. Whatever your requirements Valley offers a product to suit; for household or industrial use.

£21.90 £26.28 inc. Vat
£8.14 £9.77 inc. Vat
£11.00 £13.20 inc. Vat
£10.66 £12.79 inc. Vat

Bleaches / Disinfectants

HOSPEC liquid detergent 1x5L

£5.99 £2.95 £3.54 inc. Vat
£29.62 £35.54 inc. Vat

Bleaches / Disinfectants

LEMON disinfectant 1x4x5 litres

£11.60 £13.92 inc. Vat
£24.96 £29.95 inc. Vat