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Whether your water needs softening or your drains need unclogging, Valley’s range of speciality chemicals for catering and hygiene provide cures to all those kitchen conundrums. Water softening crystals and granular salt to caustic soda and Viro-Sol heavy duty hard surface cleaner; we’ve got it all, and we’re not afraid to share – even for obscure products like heavy duty food plant cleaner to clear any food traps.

£29.00 £34.80 inc. Vat

Speciality Chemicals

CAUSTIC soda 1×25 kilos

£26.50 £31.80 inc. Vat

Catering / Hygiene

CAUSTIC soda 1x5kg tub

£8.95 £10.74 inc. Vat
£10.29 £12.35 inc. Vat
£43.00 £51.60 inc. Vat
£17.60 £21.12 inc. Vat

Additives/ Special Products

VALLEY Anti Static Liquid x 5L

£9.25 £11.10 inc. Vat
£2.30 £2.76 inc. Vat


VIRO-SOL citrus based cleaner degreaser 1X2X5L

£12.54 £15.05 inc. Vat

Speciality Chemicals

WATER softening crystals 1x10kg

£25.80 £30.96 inc. Vat