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Good quality cleaning cloths, scourers and sponges are essential part of any effective cleaning kit. To make it more cost effective and convenient for commercial customers we offer many of our cloths, scourers and sponges available in bulk packages, saving you both time and money in the long run. Available in a variety of colours including, red, green, blue and yellow.

£0.69 £0.83 inc. Vat

Cleaning Cloths/Dusters

ASTONISH DUST buster flicker x1

£0.99 £1.19 inc. Vat
£16.50 £19.80 inc. Vat
£0.99 £1.19 inc. Vat

Green Valley - Caring For The Environment

ECOVER anti-bacterial multi-action wipes 1x4x80

£11.50 £13.80 inc. Vat
£4.95 £5.94 inc. Vat
£5.90 £7.08 inc. Vat
£47.50 £57.00 inc. Vat
£1.85 £2.22 inc. Vat

Cleaning Cloths/Dusters