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The Beca-Bin range is a high quality range of bins, including their standard design which reduces cleaning and waste management and also introduces the possibility of recycling. This model has a central funnel for liquids as well as a collection tube for cups and a ‘cups only’ pictogram. Also available in the Beca-Bin range is the eco-cup bank.

Bins-Beca-Bin Range (RECYCLING)

BECA BIN cleaning mops 1×10

£42.54 £51.05 inc. Vat

Bins-Beca-Bin Range (RECYCLING)

BECA-BIN eco cup bank

£119.95 £143.94 inc. Vat

Bins-Beca-Bin Range (RECYCLING)

BECA-BIN standard with cup shutes & holder EACH

£72.00 £86.40 inc. Vat