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To keep any toilet or urinal fresh and clean, check out our selection of channel tabs and channel blocks. From our own brand concentrated bleach tablets to Kleenscreen urinal screens with integral perfume blocks and products from brand name Loo Bloo including cistern blocks and Acticlean, which cuts through dirt and prevents limescale, it can all be yours at the click of a button.

£11.13 £13.36 inc. Vat
£12.95 £15.54 inc. Vat

Channel Tabs/Blocks


£8.40 £10.08 inc. Vat
£7.99 £9.59 inc. Vat

Air Fresheners Liquids & Triggers

P-WAVE Urinal Screen Mango x10

£31.90 £27.25 £32.70 inc. Vat

Channel Tabs/Blocks

ROYAL FLUSH cistern blocks x24

£9.99 £11.99 inc. Vat

Channel Tabs/Blocks

SANILAV channel blocks 1X36

£8.25 £9.90 inc. Vat