BLACK DIAMOND slip resistant spray and buff 1x2x5 litres

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Use for spray cleaning and burnishing of hard floors. Spray and Buff will remove soiling and scuff marks from the floor and leave a slip resistant shine. Use with either spray cleaning pads or with burnishing/polishing pads.

Suitable for use on vinyl, thermoplastic, linoleum, rubber, asphalt, terrazzo, marble, stone, wood, sealed wood and wood laminate floors.


Spray cleaning/burnishing – Sweep floor before use. Dilute 1 part to 8 oarts water in a trigger spray. Apply a fine mist of the solution to the immediate floor area. Allow a few seconds contact time with the surface and then buff the floor until dry.
Damp mopping – For heavily soiled floors, dilute 1 part to 15 parts water. Apply the solution and agitate with a mop. Remove any excess liquid and leave the floor dry. Finally, burnish using a polishing machine.

NB. Spray and Buff may layer, please shake the container before use and always burnish floor with a polishing machine after each application.


Eyes – Rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention.
Skin – Wash off with water.
Ingestion – Drink plenty of milk or water to dilute the product and seek medical attention.

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