FAST LANE spray cleaning concentrate 1×5 litres

£6.64 £7.97 inc. Vat

State of the art maintainer for polished and hard surfaces. Develops a high gloss in the shortest time. Highly recommended for spray cleaning and damp mopping. Suitable for use through a scrubber dryer machine.


Make up a solution in either a trigger spray bottle or bucket. Spray a light fim local to the burnisher and quickly go over the area with a spray clean pad. Do not continue to work the area. Damp mop in the normal way and leave to dry to a shine.


General use: Dilute 1 part Fast Lane to 40 parts clean water.

Super gloss enhancing: Dilute 1 part Fast Lane to 8 parts clean water.


Composition: An aqueous blend of polyethylene wax emulsions, surfactants, perfumes and dye.

Appearance: Opaque thin liquid

Colour: Pink

pH: 8.7

Activity: 11%

Odour: Fresh

Shelf life: Two years minimum in unopened containers at ambient temperature.