LIFEGUARD concentrated disinfectant bathroom cleaner 1x2x5 litres

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Multi-surface washroom cleaner and disinfectant with a pleasant fragrance ideal for public washrooms. Alkaline formula, passes EN1276.

Professionally formulated for fast and effective cleaning, Lieguard cleaner and disinfectant can be used on all hard washable surfaces, including painted walls, woodwork, plastic, vinyl and ceramic.
Its powerful combination of cleaning agents and disinfectant easily removes dirt and washroom soils whilst killing and preventing reproduction of bacteria which cause food poisoning, gastric disorders and wound infections.

Concentrated economical formula dilutes up to 1:40.


Protect hands with suitable gloves and wash after use.

Dilute one part Lifeguard CDC with 40 parts water in a bucket.

Apply to surface with suitable cloth or mop.

Allow to dry thoroughly.


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