SELGLEEM lemon gel citrus maintenance cleaner 1x4x5 Litre

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Made from natural citrus oils and vegetable oils derived emulsifiers to be environmentally friendly. Ideal damp mopping soultion for all surfaces. Economical maintenance for polished floors- will not remove or dull polish film at recommended dilution. Burnished readily to a slip resistant shine. Perfect for spray cleaning. Removes dirt and heel marks with ease.

For regular cleaning and maintenance of linoleum, pvc, rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors.

For general mopping dilute Selgleem 1 part to 100 parts hot water. Mop, allow to dry and burnish if required to improve shine. For spray burnishing dilute Selgleem 1 part to 50 parts water. Spray lightly ahead of machine fitted with anylon pad and immediately polish to a shine.

N.B. For maximum floor life we would recommend that floors are polished with Selexel or Diamond Brite prior to regular maintenance with Selgleem.

Composition: A blend of soap, detergents and naturally occurring citrus terpenes for effective cleaning and re-odourising purposes.
Appearance: Slightly turbid gel
Colour: Yellow
Ph: 8.5
Density: 0.996
Odour: Pleasant citrus
Shelf life: Two years minimum in unopened containers at ambient temperature.

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