SNOW PLOUGH ice melt granules 12.5kg tub

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Snow and ice melt granules – an exothermic chemical that melts snow and ice up to 8 times faster than ordinary salt! It works longer than salt and is effective down to lower temperatures than salt, and is less corrosive than salt. Can be used on roads, car parks, airports, waiting platforms, etc.

  • De-icer used by airports worldwide
  • Ice melt granules will not stain soft furnishings or damage flooring when walked inside
  • Does not damage lawns or shrubbery
  • Continuously melts ice & snow for up to 24 hours
  • Superb coverage saves money every application
  • Less corrosive
  • Non-toxic to mammals and vegetation
  • Ice melt does not scratch flooring
  • Clean and easy to apply

Size: 12.5 kilo tub

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