STEADFAST PRO blue wipes refill pack

£8.45 £10.14 inc. Vat

Steadfast Pro Refill pack x80 wipes
The Easi-Wipes Steadfast Pro provides the ultimate wiping performance across numerous applications, making it the ideal rag replacement wipe.
• 100% virgin material – no zips / buttons
• Strong and durable
• Excellent tear resistance
• Ideal for rag replacement
• First rate absorption capacity
• Holds over 4 times its own weight in water
• Rinse and reuse for a cost effective option
• Use both wet and dry
• Embossed to help ensure effective dirt pick up
• Solvent & chemical resistant
• Ultra low linting
• Uniform size
• Consistent quality and performance guaranteed
• Same wiper count every time
• 30x42cm