The wonders of white vinegar – it’s not just for your fish & chips!

Vinegar is not just a tasty condiment – white vinegar is a very adaptable and natural cleaning product which can tackle a huge range of jobs too. Our handy-sized spray version of white vinegar is ideal for the following… Cleaning glass, mirrors, windscreens and surfaces without streaks or smells * Removing limescale from taps, draining boards, kettles and kitchen appliances * Cleaning your washing machine – use it on the detergent drawer and door seals * Tackling pet urine stains and their odour – the vinegar will also deter your pet from returning to that area (and did you know that the Americans use it to combat the smell of skunks!) * Occasional use in carpet cleaning machines to descale the water jets and clean the carpet without an odour * In your dishwasher – it’s a streak-proof rinse aid that also cleans the machine * Cleaning and disinfecting wooden chopping boards * Shifting rust off cast-iron pots and pans