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Black Diamond is a specially selected range of professional floor care products that offer a comprehensive range of floor preparation, floor protection and floor maintenance solutions.

The Black Diamond range offers both traditional and modern floor care formulations, offering a solution for all types of hard flooring in a wide range of environments.

Our floor polishes and floor protection products offer the highest standards of gloss and resistance to wear whilst achieving high standards of slip resistance.

A range of daily maintenance products enabling high levels of cleaning for a variety of floor types and working environments to complement our range of floor polish and preparation solutions.. Black Diamond is an integrated and fully compatible floor care system.

Commercial Floor Polishes

Black Diamond Emulsion Floor Polish 5L

£10.95 £13.14 inc. Vat
£4.75 £5.70 inc. Vat
£5.80 £6.96 inc. Vat
£11.49 £13.79 inc. Vat
£10.95 £13.14 inc. Vat
£4.95 £5.94 inc. Vat
£13.90 £16.68 inc. Vat

Floor Maintainers

Black Diamond Undercoat 5L

£15.95 £19.14 inc. Vat