How to Clean a Carpet

If there is one thing that infuriates people it’s unearthing a stain on the carpet that no one will own up to. So if you’re tired of seeing your carpet in a less than desirable state and hate smelling stale odour, this carpet cleaning guide will show you how to be rid of those unsightly stains and regain that just fitted look.

One thing that we will ask of you is to bear in mind that this process may take some time, but we assure you the results you will receive will be well worth the effort.


Empty your vacuum bag and begin to clean the carpet, ensuring all the loose particles are collected. However, when it comes to tackling the stain use a blunt knife or spatula and remove as much solid matter as possible.











If the stain is fresh ensure you pick up much liquid as you can by using the blotting technique. However, please steer clear of coloured kitchen roll or tissue as this colour can transfer onto the carpet and add to the problem. Before you come to pre-treating the stain it is advisable that you test the product on a leftover piece of carpet or inconspicuous area to see how the carpet reacts to the chemicals; if there are no adverse reactions proceed using the CARPET STAIN REMOVER and apply it directly onto the stain, leave for about five minutes until it’s soaked in and then lift the stain with the help of a hand brush.


For normal domestic stains (non-oil based)

  • Once you have pre-treated the stain create a mixture of CARPET AND FABRIC DETERGENT and water and apply following the instructions;

Prochem Multi Pro 5litre (S709)

  • Lay down a few towels on the carpet where you have applied the removal mixture so it soaks up any additional soap;
  • Go over the carpet with water and allow it to dry naturally;
  • Vacuum once more.
  • Applying a CARPET PROTECTOR once you have vacuumed the carpet for the last time will defend your carpet from future stains and prolong its life.