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Maintaining a clean and fresh-smelling space can be easy with our help.
Valley Industrial has a great range of air fresheners which include trigger bottles, aerosols, solid gels and automatic dispenser units which are designed to neutralise odours and kill bacteria in any environment, whilst leaving a fresh fragrance. Available at competitive prices to help you to save money, our products are perfect for use in a busy commercial space where you want to effectively remove tobacco odours, cooking smells and other odours.

£12.70 £15.24 inc. Vat
£27.99 £33.59 inc. Vat
£9.38 £11.26 inc. Vat
£10.95 £13.14 inc. Vat
£49.99 £59.99 inc. Vat
£15.00 £18.00 inc. Vat
£33.00 £39.60 inc. Vat

Additives/ Special Products

Shake N Vac 12x500gm