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Looking for glass cleaner, furniture polish or metal cleaner…..then you have come to the right place. With out vast range of products we can offer you the best chemical to meet your requirements, from Brasso metal polish to all different size’s and formats of glass and window cleaners. Don’t forget to buy our microfiber cleaning cloths to make the process even easier!

Glass / Metal / Furniture Polish

3M Stainless Steel Polish 12x600ml Aerosol

£78.00 £93.60 inc. Vat
£24.59 £29.51 inc. Vat
£33.99 £40.79 inc. Vat

Marble & Granite Cleaner Polish

Astonish Marble & Granite Clean & Polish 12x235ml

£22.50 £27.00 inc. Vat
£11.95 £14.34 inc. Vat
£14.25 £17.10 inc. Vat

Glass / Metal / Furniture Polish

Brasso Brass And Metal Cleaner

£15.50 £18.60 inc. Vat

Furniture Polish Aerosols

Charm Multipurpose Polish 12x330ml

£9.15 £10.98 inc. Vat

Glass / Metal / Furniture Polish

Clover Brite Glass & Plastic Cleaner


Metal Cleaners/Polishes

Clover MetaGlynt Metal Polish 6x250ml

£26.00 £31.20 inc. Vat