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Valley offers a great selection of hand soaps, cleaners, sanitisers and barrier creams for your office or workplace. Our ranges of hand care includes top brands such as Astonish, Deb, Dove, Carex, Clover and much more, so you’re sure to find the hand cleaner to match your requirements and budget.
We also stock bulk fill and cartridge soap dispensers to suit your requirements.

Hand Cleaners / Dispensers

ALCOHOL hand sanitiser 1x12x500ml pumps

£27.80 £33.36 inc. Vat
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£12.00 £14.40 inc. Vat
£12.00 £14.40 inc. Vat
£12.00 £14.40 inc. Vat
£12.00 £14.40 inc. Vat
£9.50 £11.40 inc. Vat
£7.90 £9.48 inc. Vat
£12.90 £15.48 inc. Vat

Liquid Hand Soaps/Liquid Shower Gel

Carex Original Hand Wash 5L Bulk Fill

£11.50 £13.80 inc. Vat

Hand Cleaners / Dispensers

Clover Ahs Alcohol Hand Gel 6x300ml

£10.00 £12.00 inc. Vat