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Our paper dispensers are simple to use and convenient, the perfect adornment to any professional washroom. Our dispensers come in a range of sizes and varieties including plastic and stainless steel, so you can find the perfect model to meet your needs. As a leading supplier of cleaning products in the UK you can be sure of our commitment to both quality and affordability so for all ranges of toilet rolls and dispensers you can count on us. Browse through our range today and pay safely and securely, we guarantee first class quality and fast delivery with every purchase.

£6.90 £8.28 inc. Vat
£10.99 £13.19 inc. Vat

Industrial Wipers/Monster Rolls

AIRLAID MAXI wiping roll 1 ply white 1×2 rolls

£28.95 £34.74 inc. Vat
£27.50 £33.00 inc. Vat
£16.49 £19.79 inc. Vat
£564.12 £676.94 inc. Vat

Paper Products / Disposables

BANQUETING ROLL white 100 metre

£17.25 £20.70 inc. Vat

Bulk/Flat Pack Toilet Tissue

BULK PACK toilet tissue 1x36x250

£14.90 £17.88 inc. Vat
£13.50 £16.20 inc. Vat
£14.50 £17.40 inc. Vat
£14.50 £17.40 inc. Vat
£16.50 £19.80 inc. Vat