Valley Actibrick Brickwork And Masonry Cleaner 5L

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Actibrick is a hydrochloric acid based product which is manufactured to the highest standards of technology making it one of the most powerful brick cleaners on the market. The chemical cleaner and descaler is inhibited to resist attack on bare metals and can be safely used to remove rust and corrosion. Actibrick is modified to prevent fuming which is often associated with strong acidic solutions. The special formulation is designed to form water soluble salts which are then easily washed away with water.

Actibrick may be used as supplied or diluted up to 8 parts to 1 with warm or cold water. When diluting this product always add actibrick to the water, not the reverse. Apply by brush, mop or sprayer or soak soiled items in a tank. Agitate if necessary until any effervescence ceases. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Actibrick may be used for cleaning and descaling boilers, builders equipment and plant, tanks, heat exchangers, water meters, pipework, brickwork and masonry. The product may also be used for removing cement and rust stains from brickwork and concrete. Actibrick may also be used for derusting metal and metal pickling.


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