Prochem Alkleen Alkaline Cleaner 5L

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A versatile universal alkaline cleaner, which is highly effective for spray cleaning of hard floors which do not respond to neutral maintainers. Alkleencan also be used on all hard surfaces such as plastics, laminates, concrete, linoleum and any surface not harmed by water. For professional and industrial use only.

Dilute 50 to 100ml Alkleen concentrate per litre of warm water (1:20 or 1:10) For very heavy soiling Alkleen can be used at higher concentrations. Always pretest surface to be cleaned before proceeding. Apply diluted solution by spray applicator, mop, rotary machine or scrubber drier. Follow up with wet pick up vacuum, buffing pad or towel. Do not use Alkleen on food contact surfaces.


Appearance: Turquoise blue

Odour: Citrus

Solubility: Soluble in water

PH Value Cons: 12

PH Value Diluted: 10.5