Total Klenz Total Release Fogger 250ml

£7.99 £9.59 inc. Vat

B SANITIZED® is a registered disinfectant sanitizer made to BS EN 1276 and BS EN 1650 standards in a full release aerosol fogger of a broad-spectrum EPA-registered antimicrobial agent for all surfaces. B SANITIZED® also contains a patented odour counteractant for effective and immediate odour control!

B SANITIZED® is effective against HIV, TB, Herpes Simplex II, Influenza viruses, human coronavirus, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica, and Athletes foot fungi.

It controls mould and mildew by destroying them at their source!  When placed in the centre of a room B SANITIZED® will effectively disinfect all surfaces, cover all areas that are difficult to access like headboards, window coverings, door handles, ceilings, flooring, and under beds allowing the entire area to be fully disinfected and germ-free.

Available in 150ML, covering areas of 4000 cu ft (20 by 20 ft), for larger areas use additional cans using the measurements above to get the area covered.


B SANITIZED® is also ideal for disinfecting vehicles, including their air conditioning systems. For vehicles like buses, cars, RVs and boats, place the can in the centre of the vehicle, press the spray button to lock and leave.

Return in 15 minutes and aerate as needed and the vehicle will be totally disinfected. Keep the vehicle running with the A/C on full operation in recycle mode, and the fog will disinfect the entire AC system, too! Simple. No fuss.

It’s so simple! Again, just place the can in the middle of the room or area to be fogged.

Press the spray button lock into place and leave the room/area.
Return in 15 minutes, after the mist has settled, aerate the area as needed and it is now fully disinfected, fresh and ready to use. No expensive labour, no fuss….Just simple.

It is safe for food preparation areas too (not to be sprayed directly onto food).