Black Diamond Emulsion Floor Polish 5L

£12.90 £15.48 inc. Vat

Emulsion acylic floor polish is one of the highest quality acrylic polymer polishes on the market. Formulated with thermoplastic polymers it gets tougher and more slip resistant every time it is buffed.

Suitable for use on PVC, thermoplastic floors , linoleum, rubber, sealed cork, asphalt, terrazzo, marble and stone.

PREPARATION – The floor must be thoroughly cleaned to completely remove dirt, grease and old polish films by using a quality polish remover. The floor must be well rinsed with water to get rid of alkali residue and allowed to dry.

APPLICATIONS – Apply a thin film using a mop or polish applicator. Drying time is usually  around 30 minutes. apply a secon coat and allow to dry.

EYES- Rise immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention.
SKIN – Wash off with water.
INGESTION – Drink plenty of milk or water to dilute the product and seek medical attention.