Black Diamond Rinse Free Floor Polish Stripper 5L

£11.49 £13.79 inc. Vat

A clear water-based stripper that removes metallised and non-metallised floor polish without the need for heavy scrubbing. the modern formula eliminates the rinse and neutralisation process, thus stripping polish in up to half the time of conventional strippers.

After the liquid slurry has been extracted, the alkaline residue evaporates away, eliminating any ensuing polish re-application problems that may occur.

Brush the floor prior to commencing the stripping process. dilute according to the job in hand.

NORMAL USE – 1 part to 5 parts water.
HEAVY BUILD UP – 1 part to 3 parts water.
MACHINE STRIP – 1 part to 10 parts water.
SPRAY STRIP – 1 part to 10 parts water.

MANUAL: Mop your solution onto the floor thoroughly wetting the area and allow 5-10 minutes contact time. Agitate, then mop or extract as much liquid slurry from a rotary.
SPRAY STRIPPING: Spray the solution onto the floor and scrub with arotary scrubber until the floor is dry. Dust, mop or vacuum the debris from the floor.
NB. May alter the colour of wood or linoleum floors. Some varnishes may be softened or removed. Always test surface compatability prior to the application.

IRRITANT-Irritating to eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Do not breathe spray. After contact with skin wash immediately with plenty of water.