Carefree Eternum High Gloss Low Maintanance Floor Polish 5L

£24.16 £28.99 inc. Vat

High solid content for exceptional durability.

Superior resistance to black heel marks and scratches.

Hard wearing and responds well to buffing.

A durable water based acrylic/styrene polymer emulsion floor polish.


A durable water based acrylic/styrene polymer emulsion floor polish.


Unique triple polymer technology from Johnson Diversey. 22% solids content. Optimal blend of polymers, waxes, resins and film formulation ingredients.


Superior application properties and film formulation.

Provides long lasting high gloss protection.

Excellent resistance to scuffs, narks and dirt.

Reduced maintenance costs.


Ensure old polish is removed.

Apply only to a clean dry floor.

Post wet floor signs.

Using a clean mop or applicator, charge with product and damp down in a wringer, but do not wring out the mop or applicator. This should be saturated not dripping. Apply to the floor using overlapping figure of eight motion. On the first coat leave a 6″ gap along the edges. Allow 20-30 minutes drying time. Ensure first coat is completely dry before applying a second coat, at right angles to the first coat applying product up to the edges. If required apply a third coat in a similar manner.

Some floors such as stone or worn porous vinyl will require sealing with Carefree Undercoat prior to application of Carefree Eternum.
Regularly maintain the floor by damp mopping, machine scrubbing or spray cleaning. The ideal maintenance product for Carefree Eternum is Carefree Maintainer.


Appearance: Milky emulsion.

pH: 8-9

Specific gravity: 1.030

Viscosity: Water thin.

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.


Store in original closed containers away from extreme temperatures.

Keep from freezing.

Do not use at temperatures below 10 degrees C.


Suitable for hard floors including sealed wood.
Some floors may require sealing with a porous floor sealer such as Carefree Undercoat for optimum results.