Prochem Cherry Carpet Deodoriser 5L

£12.30 £14.76 inc. Vat

Cherry Carpet Deodoriser is a powerful, safe and pleasantly perfumed deodoriser formulated to counteract unpleasant odours in carpets. For professional and industrial use only.

Directions for Use: Always pre-test carpet in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness with diluted solution and allow test area to dry before proceeding. If colours bleed or change do not proceed with application. Spray application: Dilute 20ml of Contract Carpet Deodoriser per litre of water or ready-to-use Contract Carpet Prespotter (1 to 50). Apply by sprayer then clean carpet with extraction machine as normal. Machine application: Mix 20ml of Contract Carpet Deodoriser per litre of ready-t o-use Contract Carpet Cleaner or Contract Carpet Foam Shampoo. Clean carpet as normal.