Evans Clean & Shine Neutral Floor Maintainer 5L

£5.57 £6.68 inc. Vat

Efficient emulsion floor maintainer with a pleasant floral fragrance. Removes scuffmarks, repairs scratches and clean and restore gloss on floors treated with a metallised polish. Ideal for most floors including rubber, vinyl, linoleum, asphalt, terrazzo, marble and sealed surfaces.


Specially formulated for spray cleaning

Suitable for mopping and dry burnishing

Excellent results with high or ultra speed machines

Buffs to a high gloss, slip resistant finish

Low environmental impact


Appearance: Opaque liquid

Colour: Pink

Odour: Floral

Specific gravity: 1.01

pH: undiluted – 8.0; diluted 1:50 – 7.5

Shelf life unopened: Not less than 3 years