Green Valley Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser 5L

£6.55 £7.86 inc. Vat

• Rapidly Biodegradable to EU Standards
• Free from Caustic Soda
• Phosphate Free
• Free from Chlorine and Oxidising Agents

A totally universal cleaner and degreaser formulated to cope with the most severe cleaning tasks. Green Valley Heavy Duty Cleaner balances the requirements of cleaning managers whilst remaining environmentally aware: it is rapidly biodegradable to EU standards and free from caustic soda, phosphates, chlorine and other oxidising agents.

Formulated with citrus solvents for maximum cleaning power, Heavy Duty Cleaner is fast-acting to remove even the most stubborn soiling with ease.

Ideal to clean dirt, grime, diesel oil, food oil, fats, grease, tobacco film, body fat, mineral oils, rubber, traffic film, and engineering oil from stainless steel, vinyl, paint, ceramic, plastic,
anti-slip surfaces and concrete.

Heavy Duty Cleaner is recommended for use on non slip floors, walls, industrial equipment, machinery, dip tanks, vehicle valeting etc. Ideal boat and vessel cleaner (bilge wash). Can be diluted with fresh or salt water. For decks, fishrooms, heavily soiled paintwork or light rust.


Dilute according to the cleaning job with either hot or cold water. Agitate the surface and rinse away thoroughly with water.




Use Undiluted

1 – 50/100 parts water
1 – 200 parts water