Bio Productions Protective Carpet Care Insecticide 1L

£9.99 £11.99 inc. Vat

This easy to use aqueous insecticide provides long-lasting control of all types of flying and crawling insects. For the eradication of infestations in carpets, upholstery fabrics & on hard surfaces simply spray on and leave to dry naturally.

Safe to use in inhabited spaces and where pets live, though toxic to fish so aquariums & fish tanks should be covered.

Contains Cypermethrin for long lasting effect of both living insects and eggs, which invariably hatch up to 15 days after treatment and are unaffected by conventional treatments.

Does not stain or leave an odour, so ideal for use in hotel rooms and public areas, on carpets & soft-furnishings.

Easy-to-use, ready-to-use formula.

HSE No. 9067 Approved insecticide for control and extermination of crawling and flying insects.

Shake well before use. Apply 1 to 4 ml of product per cubic metre, as a fine mist.

A Subsequently, make a maintenance treatment on a monthly basis, treating all surfaces as above.

The insecticide must remain on the treated upholstery/carpet surfaces for 14 days before wet cleaning to ensure that the un-hatched eggs & larvae come into contact with the insecticide and do not create another infestation.