High Speed Electric Floor Burnisher 20 Inches

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Making it easy to bring the life back to almost any hard floor surface, the M1600 burnisher has a flexible, self-adjusting pad driver that burnishes unlevel surface areas evenly. The entire pad is touching the floor for a high gloss shine, not just a couple of inches like conventional burnishers.



One piece all metal handle housing, tube and trigger assembly for aggressive cleaning

Floating handle for easy operation with safety start-up/lockout

Flexible pad driver

Easy access to motor and internal components

“V” Belt Drive ” Floor-to-Pad Contact



Pad Diameter: 20 Inches Full Pad-to-Floor Contact

Motor: 1-1/2 hp D.C. Rectified, UL Listed

Transmission: Direct Drive No Slip Deep

Power Cord: 75 ft. UL Listed 14/3 SJTW-A 75 ft. UL Listed 12/3 SJTW-A

Base Housing: One Piece, High Density Polyethylene

Pad Driver: Factory Installed Rigid Block Drive Flexible, total 20

Pad Pressure: 7 KG

Handle Grips: Anti-Fatigue, Soft to the Touch

Handle Tube: All Chrome 1-1/2 Inch (Fixed) All Chrome 1-1/2 Inch (Floating)

Handle Lever: Case Hardened Steel, Positive Lock

Operating Wheels: 5 Inch Non-Marking-Self Lubricating 4 Inch Non-Marking-Self Lubricating

Transport Wheels: 4 Inch Non-Marking-Self Lubricating

Wiring: All Completely Enclosed in Housing

Switch Housing: Non Conductive- Commercial Grade

Operation Control: Dual Lever On-Off Safety Switch Stress Absorbing. Left or Right Hand

Warranty:10 Yrs Housing, 2 Yrs. Motor, 1 Yr. On Parts & Workmanship

Shipping Weight: 40 KG

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