Valley Magiplus Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser 5L

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Magiplus is a highly alkaline detergent composite containing solvents to enhance grease removal properties. It contains phosphate and the alkali builders have been specially selected to optimise soil suspension..

Magiplus is suitable for use by all normal cleaning techniques. Mopping, scrubbing , spraying etc. Before use it can be diluted up to 40 parts to 1 with cold water depending on the severity of the application. In most cases no rinsing is required, the surface can simply be wiped clean..

Magilpus is an extremely effective cleaner. By selecting the apprpriate dilution it can be used to clean almost all hard surfaces-Walls, floors, paintwork, machinery etc. It’s degreasing properties lead it to be widely used in kitchens, restaurants, abattoirs, garages and factories. Magiplus can also be safely used as a replacement for flammable solvent in degreasing machine parts. The product will also remove wax from floors and may be used as an oven cleaner..

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