Valley Magisolve High Strength Multi Purpose Cleaner 5L

£6.50 £7.80 inc. Vat

Use for cleaning and degreasing almost every type of hard surface – walls, floors, paintwork, machinery, etc. Extremely versatile – can be used neat or diluted. Suitable for use in kitchen areas, restaurants, housekeeping departments and by contract cleaners as an effective economical cleaning agent.

Magisolve is an alkaline product containing solvents to enhance grease removal properties. It contains phosphates and chelating agents that have been specifically selected to optimise soil suspension. Magisolve is pleasantly perfumed to leave a fresh smelling odour.

Magisolve is suitable for use by all normal cleaning techniques: mopping, scrubbing, spraying, etc. Before use, the product can be diluted with up to 40 parts water depending on the severity of the application. In most cases no rinsing will be required, the surface may be simply wiped clean.