Numatic TTB1840G/2 Twin Battery Powered Scrubber Drier

£2,079.91 £2,495.89 inc. Vat

The NUMATIC TTB1840G BATTERY SCRUBBER DRYER is designed for enhanced compactness, while maximising handling and performance.  The cable-free, battery-operated machine easily accesses harder to reach areas, 30% faster than its nearest competitors.

Its low noise level makes it suitable for use in most commercial environments including hospitals, cafes, shops, banks and hotels.

The TTB1840G features a suitcase-style, 18-amp, sealed-gel battery pack.  A second battery can be added for alternating use and charging.  Each battery offers up to 0.75 hours of continuous use, providing brush motor power of 400-watts and vacuum motor power of 300 watts.  A separate charger is supplied with the machine.

Other features include a 400mm scrub brush and an 18-litre capacity tank.

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