Prochem Floor Pro TS Dual Speed

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Versatile single disc rotary machines for bonnet buffing and shampooing of carpets and stripping, scrubbing, sanding, buffing, and polishing of floors.


The Floor Pro series incorporates an ergonomic handle with lever-operated positional control and a choice of speeds to suit all types of carpet and floor maintenance.


Low speed for carpet bonnet and shampooing, floor scrubbing, stripping, and buffing.


Medium speed for floor sanding in conjunction with the optional suction kit and high speed for buffing and polishing all types of smooth floors.


A 12-liter solution tank, suction kit, drive boards and scrubbing, polishing, and shampoo brushes are optional extras.


Complete with GH3151 Drive Board
 Choice of three single speed and one dual-speed machine
•Heavy duty induction motor
•Safety start-up handle switch
•Satellite and planetary gearbox
•Low noise level
•Ergonomic design for smooth operation
Speed Suitability
•L10 – Carpet bonnet maintenance and shampooing, floor stripping, scrubbing, and buffing
•M16 – Wood floor sanding (with suction kit), floor scrubbing, buffing and polishing
•H16 – Floor buffing and polishing
•TS – Carpet bonnet maintenance and shampooing, floor stripping, scrubbing, buffing and polishing


Brush motor
Brush & Pad size
Power cable
Noise level
1000 – 1300W 50 Hz 220 – 240V CE
Satellite and planetary
154 – 308 rpm
44 kilos
430 mm (17″)
15 m (50 ft)
55 dba
1200 x 542 x 430 mm (h x l x w)


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