“PSK” Professional Spotting Kit

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A complete professional kit including a comprehensive range of Prochem chemical spotters and spotting accessories contained in a tough water resistant plastic case. products may be replenished from the standard Prochem range and individual trigger sprayers may be filled and stored beneath the hinged lid.

The following spots and stains may betreated with the “PSK” kit:

Most food and beverages, blood, oil, grease, cosmetics, adhesive, wine, rust, paint, chewing gum and many other common commercial and household spots and stains.

Prochem’s “PSK” is an essential item for every professional cleaner.


A277-01 Solvex
B122-01 Neutral pro spotter
B123-01 Solvall spotter
B198-01 Rust remover
B195-01 Coffee stain remover with spray
E400-01 Red RX
E840-01 Citrus gel
G240 Chewing gum remover

B144-01 Stain pro with spray
B153-01 Urine Neutraliser


BA3401 White terry towelL
BB3403 Ph Test paper colour coded reel
CA3401 Chewing gum perforator
KE3401 Spotting brush
V12606 Neoprene gloves
WF3401 Foil furniture pads

Spotting chart and application tips

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