Selden A005 Selbrite Metallised Floor Polish 5L

£16.18 £19.42 inc. Vat

Metallised floor polish for extreme strength and durability coupled with ease of removability. Produces a deep shine with excellent slip resistance without burnishing, protects and prolongs the life of flooring materials. May be easily maintained by damp mopping.

Apply to a clean, grease free floor. Strip old polish with F32 Selate, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow floor to dry. Apply a thin, even film of Selbrite with a lint free mop or applicator. Best results will be achieved when two thin coats are applied, allowing th first to dry. initial drying should be 30 minutes: speeding drying by heating the room will prevent the polish developing its maximum wear characteristics.

Do not spray burnish for at least 24 hours after first laying the polish. Damp mop as required using one of our floor gel products. For spray/cleaning burnishing do as required, however daily maintenance routine will increase the product’s life expectancy.


COVERAGE: 60 sq m per litre

Use neat. In very low humidity it is sensible to add up to 25% water to allow the full drying time.

Composition: A blend of acrylic polymers, resins and copolymer wax incorporating wetting agents and film forming aids in a stable water based emulsion form incorporating metal cross linking additives.

Appearance: Translucent emulsion

Colour: Cream

PH: 8.3

Solids: 15%

Odour: Characteristic slightly sweet

Freeze Thaw stability: 3 cycles

Shelf life: Two years minimum in unopened containers at ambient temperature.