Selden J004 Oven Cleaner 5L

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Formulated to remove baked on deposits from cookers and utensils.

Clings to vertical surfaces.

Easily applied using trigger spray.

Effective, ready to use formula.

No choking fumes.

Also available in trigger pack under code T04.


As an oven cleaner and for the fast removal of blood and other food products. Used in kitchens, bakeries, food plant and other areas of food product build-up.


Product is corrosive, so always wear impervious gloves and safety goggles. The product will work best on a warm oven, Always swich off oven when in using it. Apply an even layer of product by either trigger spray or by hand (using a pad) to the oven interior, following the table below for contact times.

Light grease:- 3 minutes
Heavy grease:- 30 minutes
Baked on carbon deposits:- 12 hours


Dilution:- Use neat
Composition:- An aqueous blend of alkalis, surfactants, solvents and sequestrants.
Odour:- Low characteristic
Colour:- Pale straw
Ph:- 13.5
Viscosity:- 1000 cps

Specific gravity:- 1.045
Shelf life:- Two years minimum in unopened containers at ambient temperature,

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