Selden F181 Triple Scrubber Drier Detergent 5L

£7.47 £8.96 inc. Vat

Super strong formulation removes the toughest industrial soiling. Rapid action cleans thoroughly in one pass of the machine. Very low foam – will not block suction drier. Ideal for automatic cleaning of food storage areas, factories and warehouses. Latest eco-friendly formula.


Suitable for all scrubber drier machines and for general machine scrubbing applications.


For heavy duty scrubbing and stripping dilute 1 part Triple to 10 parts hot water. For maintenance cleaning dilute 1 part Triple to 80 parts hot water.


Composition: An advanced blend of the latest low foaming non-ionic, anionic and amphoteric surfactants, alkaline builders, water softeners and a water soluble solvent.

Appearance: Clear liquid

Colour: Blue

PH: >13.5

Activity: 26%

Specific gravity: 1.075

Odour: Slight glycol ether

Shelf life: Two years at ambient temperature

Stability: Stable to below 0 deg.C