Prochem Urine Neutraliser Cleaner And Deodoriser


A specially formulated detergent deodoriser for the treatment of urine deposits in carpets and fabrics. Urine Neutraliser will deodorise and chemically neutralise urine on contact to prevent permanent staining and unpleasant odours during cleaning. For general use and heavy contamination, use Urine Neutraliser undiluted. For light duty applications dilute Urine Neutraliser with an equal part of water. Always pretest carpet or fabric for colour fastness before proceeding. Apply solution directly to contaminated area with sprayer. Blot with clean white towel, mop or sponge and allow area to dry. Heavily contaminated areas of carpet should be extraction cleaned with S775 Extraction Plus and B124 Odour Fresh after pre-treatment with Urine Neutraliser. Urine Neutraliser may not be effective in removing old permanent urine stains.