Valley Steam Cleaner Detergent 1L

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Valley Steam Cleaner is a heavy duty concentrated additive designed for use through steam and hot water pressure washer systems. Valley Steam Cleaner is non – flammable and solvent free but will remove heavy deposits of grease, oil and general grime.


Valley Steam Cleaner can be diluted from 30 to 100 parts with hot or cold water, depending on the cleaning power needed. Use steam generator and adjust the flow until a light white foam appears on the surface being cleaned.


Our steam cleaner is used for all forms of steam cleaning. It gives excellent results on heavy deposits of grease, oil and grime. The product is non tainting and is ideal for use in the food industry in dairies and abattoirs. Care should be taken on surfaces like glass and certain paint finishes. It SHOULD NOT BE USED ON ALUMINIUM.


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