Flash Strongweave Antibacterial Wetwipes (8×30 Sheets)

£17.25 £20.70 inc. Vat

Flash all purpose cleaning wipes easily clean all hard washable surfaces, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent. Flash wipes are perfect for quick clean-ups all around the house or when you are away from home, they are convenient and easy to use for every day cleaning. On top, their disposability makes it more hygienic to clean germy places. These multipurpose cleaning wipes quickly remove grease stains, burnt on food, dirt and soap scum. Use the cleansing wipes to clean the kitchen, the bathroom and on all hard washable surfaces like countertops, walls, floors, oven, sink, fridge, bins, baths & taps, toilet seats, high chairs, electrical devices.

Flash cleaning wipes, recommended by Febreze, are convenient, safe and easy to use for every day cleaning. Use them in your bathroom, near the toilet/ loo and in your kitchen stainless steel sink and granite work tops. You can even use them on your floors and in the oven and on the hob. These cleaning wipes are a brilliant product.

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