Q EcoTabs – Save money, space, time… and the earth!

Valley Industrial Products are proud to announce that we are now stocking Q Eco Tabs – a revolutionary new range of cleaning products that are easy to use, compact to store, ecologically-friendly in every way, and very competitively priced.

Meet the family! All your cleaning operations can be covered very neatly by the following variations…

GlassTab – GlassTabs are a fast acting glass cleaner that dries quickly without residue or fragrance. Ideal for all reflective surfaces including glass, mirrors, stainless steel and UPVC.

GreaseTab – GreaseTabs make for a fast-acting, food-safe degreaser formulated to strip through the grease and thoroughly clean all your washable surfaces. Powerful enough for ovens, kitchens and all catering establishments. Rinse free formula.

MultiTab – MultiTabs are an all-round general multi-surface cleaner, that fights bacteria and dries quickly with a fragrant, smear-free finish. Ideal for disinfecting floors, offices and work surfaces.

WashTab – WashTabs will give you a non-chlorine, disinfecting washroom cleaner that also lightly descales.  It is an effective combatant against germs and odours, eliminating germs within 60 seconds of application. Works in all areas including sinks and surfaces leaving them bright, smear free and smelling fresh. Tested to EN13697 in dirty conditions.

SaniTab – SaniTabs provide you with a fast-acting non-tainting, surface sanitiser; versatile and perfect for use in the catering industry and all food areas. Fast acting, with 99.9999% germ kill after only 30 seconds contact time. It’s tested in dirty conditions to pass EN1276.

Genius in the bottle

The tabs are used in these Bottles for Life – recycled and recyclable plastic containers marked with the appropriate colour for each type of tab and printed with easy to follow pictorial instructions. Just follow the steps on how to use the tabs and get the best out of this new cleaning system – simply fill the bottle with 750ml water, pop in one tab, shake and go!

Q EcoTabs are approved as cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and zero-waste products. It’s obvious, as the packaging is made of paper and corn-starch and the film around the tabs themselves is natural and quick to dissipate in water. The pouches are perfect to store if you have limited space, and they’re certainly not as hefty to transport as tubs of ready-made liquids – plus spillage isn’t a big an issue.

So you can save your company a fortune on quality products, carbon footprint and waste removal costs – as well as doing the job in hand to the utmost and protecting our precious environment.